Change is Only a Thought Away...
Thomas Michael Murasso, PhD
Experienced Life Coaching Professional, Self-Empowerment Author, Hypnotherapist, Educator in the use of the Law of Attraction
and the Art of Conscious Creation, Metaphysician.

Dr. Tom started his journey of self-discovery over 40 years ago as he search for the answers to the questions; who we are and why are we here on this blue planet. His path led to the study of metaphysics, the esoteric arts, quantum physics, and the coveted secrets of the ancient mystery schools. 


Tom feels there is an accelerated energy engulfing the planet and seeks to help people reclaim their creative power and raise their conscious awareness to create loving, stable relationships, and to remove the blocks to manifesting their desires, and living the lives of their dreams.


After all, we are Born to Manifest!

What is a Metaphysician?


The short answer: A metaphysician is a doctor/healer who makes changes in the physical world through meta-physical (i.e. decidedly not ‘physical’) principles. As a metaphysician, Dr. Tom works the principles of mind (and beyond) to create powerful and lasting change in peoples’ lives.

The more modern, mainstream, and largely academic conception of a metaphysician is a philosopher whose area of study or expertise is the nature of reality itself (called metaphysics).

Dr. Tom is a practicing philosopher and healer, a metaphysician in both senses of the word.


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