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     We are on the cutting edge of an incredible time in human history - a great awakening. We stand at a pivotal moment in time where mankind stands to expand its consciousness and transcend the holographic illusion of what is considered reality.


     The Law of Attraction, the Art of Conscious Creation, the Secret, the Bible's "what you sow you reap" - whatever tradition we wish to call it - the great avatars and masters throughout history have always taught...


We Create Our Reality


     What we think, feel, believe and expect to receive comes back to us. In other words, whatever we focus on becomes our reality. Realizing this - and remembering who we truly are - is the 'real' secret to changing our personal world and the world we live in.


     We are connected with the Source, or the 'All That Is'. We are a spark of this creative energy some people call God.  Thus I teach and share an actual living of, and reclaiming of the power to consciously create our reality, and the experience of knowing our true nature and our connection to all things and to each other.


     We have a natural potential for balance, harmony, perfection, beauty, complete health, abundance and happiness.  As we remember our true essence, we begin to see the link between our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions... and our power to create.


     We live in a world where everyone is a creator and all we see before us is our creativity manifested.  Since most of us are unaware of our creative power, it is quite natural that our world is chaotic and dysfunctional. My books and courses detail the what, why, and how, of our current state of affairs and the ways we can 'consciously create' a future of peace and prosperity.


     We are present at the birth of an opportunity to truly change the world.  We are living in a time of the most rapid change in our history - an expansion of awareness and consciousness.  We truly hold the keys to unlocking the door of the future of our planet and humanity.  Now is the time to do what we came here to accomplish and remember we were Born to Manifest!


"Change is only a thought away!"

- Tom Murasso

    Tom, I really don't know you from Adam but at the same time I took a chance and ordered your book "Born to Manifest: Law of Attraction Tools & Techniques" - it is BRILLIANT.
     I have read hundreds of books on Manifesting and no book really breaks it down as to how you are suppose to make it happen. I love the ideas and love the hope it installs in your mind. Everyone should read this book. Thank you! -Stephanie Handy
     I read this in one day because I didn't want to put it down. Though I'd previously read other books about our DNA, "the Illuminati," ETs and other topics included in The Manuscript, what this book does is present the entire spiritual history of humankind and our evolution since we arrived on this planet. It is a very impressive study of humanity.
      Although "The Manuscript: Awakening Into Oneness" contains information that may make many people feel uncomfortable, the message is ultimately about love, spiritual oneness, and our individual freedom to choose. The book left me feeling uplifted and glad to be on this adventure of life. -Andrea Conway
     What can I say? Your book on using the Law of Attraction to attract money, "The Law of Attraction & Money" is the simplest, yet most effective, how-to guide on manifesting abundance I've ever read!
    I've put into practice the techiques you suggested in this book - and also in your "Money Field" audio session - and I'm thrilled to report my money situation has made a complete shift from near bankruptcy to financial freedom. I can't thank you enough! -Drew Veterman


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